History of Canadian Government

The History of Canadian Government covers from the time when the Paleo Indians arrived in this state up to the present day. Due to the colonization by the Europeans, the country which is currently known is Canada was inhabited by indigenous people who had various styles of social organization, spiritual beliefs, and trade networks.

During the 15th century, the British and French were able to explore, fight over the land of North America (Canada) and colonized. The colony of New France was established in the year 1534 after which it was ceded to the UK in the year 1763 after the French were defeated in the 7 years war. After this the Province of Quebec was therefore divided in the year 1791 into lower and upper Canada and was reunified in the year 1867 In the year 1867 the leader so it well to join the province of Canada with other colonies of Britain such as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick through a confederation thereby forming a large entity known as Canada.

Although there was a responsible government in the state of Canada, Britain was able to set its defense and foreign policies up to the end of the first world war. Due to the passing of the Statute of Westminster in the year 1931 which showed that Canada has become Co-equal like the United Kingdom. Canada is one of the smallest countries in the world when you compare it concerning population density as it as a ratio of 3.1.

Constitutional Monarchy and democracy are the main types of government which are practiced by the government of Canada. In a more significant percentage, Canada is a federal state which means that its powers are shared between the provincial and federal government. The head of government is the prime minister

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In the year 2006, the population of Idea was estimated to be about 32.6 million. Queen Elizabeth II is the official head of state of Canada, a governor represents her.